Fully aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as well as national and international standards, the educational program at Newark Legacy is modeled after the nation’s most rigorous college preparatory programs.  Whether learning with an entire class, in a small group, or one-on-one, Newark Legacy scholars benefit from engaging class-based experiences as well as from participation in fun-filled academic enrichment clubs and competitions such as Science Olympiad, Word Masters and Math League.

The academic program maintains a particularly intensive focus on literacy.   In the earliest grades, phonics-based instruction is stressed, though ample attention is also paid to vocabulary development, reading comprehension and fluency.  As students mature as readers, we guide them to navigate the most challenging classic and contemporary texts, and we teach them to express themselves effectively in writing while continually broadening their vocabularies.  The school’s own Oral Literacy Enrichment Program (OLEP) is a unique component of its literacy focus.  Designed to enhance instruction across the curriculum, the program develops writing, critical thinking and public presentation skills through the use of strategies such as choral reading, recitation, performance poetry (spoken word), creative dramatics, Socratic seminars, mock trial and debate.

Mathematics instruction at Newark Legacy establishes an important balance between skill mastery and conceptual understanding, drawing from practice-proven curricula such as Saxon Math and Singapore Math.  Science instruction is organized around grade-level themes and is inquiry-based, leading students to live daily as scientists, employing the scientific process to explore the world around them.   The social studies curriculum is developmentally appropriate, beginning with an exploration of self-awareness and personal history and progressing to the study of local, national and international histories.  The curriculum is rich in literature connections, and provides students with the concrete tools and historical knowledge to embark on a life of committed citizenship.  Foreign language instruction and courses in music, art and physical education round out the comprehensive education that each Newark Legacy scholar receives.

Commensurate with grade level, a substantial amount of homework is assigned daily to build study habits and practice academic skills.  Homework is thoroughly checked each day, as are the daily reading journals that each student must complete.  Scholars may elect to participate in the Literary League – a voluntary at-home reading program with assigned reading lists for each grade. The purpose of the Literary League is to expose scholars to a wide-range of genres, literary styles, subjects, and authors through their independent reading.

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