Core Beliefs

Education = Liberation

We believe that education is the vehicle that makes human liberation possible because it provides one with the tools to think critically, contribute meaningfully, and act courageously. We work diligently to lay the foundation for college education in every scholar because we know that without advanced mastery of concrete academic skills and knowledge, economic and social freedom will be an unattainable dream.

Actions > Aptitude

Strong evidence supports what we fervently believe – that ongoing practice of productive behaviors lead to success. So, at Newark Legacy, we focus on actions that we can all take, regardless of personal background or academic profile. Following through to complete every task, making a schedule and sticking to it, and spending lots of time in and out of school on academic work are actions we emphasize to prepare scholars for lifelong success.

Demographics Destiny

We refuse to accept the notion that the fate of our nation’s youth will be an inevitable consequence of their family income, ethnic background, zip code or any other characteristic over which they have no control.  We believe that all of our students’ personal histories are valuable, and can be used as a springboard to success. We are similarly convinced that with exemplary instruction provided in a supportive, tightly-disciplined environment, scholars will build on their individual assets while acquiring the skills that will enable them to defy all odds, and ultimately become the masters of their destinies.

Hard work + Passion = Success

We seek educators for whom education is a passionate affair, for we believe that passionate teachers will move enthusiastically beyond standards of minimum competency in order for their students to achieve at higher levels. Similarly, we strive to ignite passion in each of our students’ academic lives.   We believe that passion is the fuel that will spur our entire community to work hard, day after day, in pursuit of excellence.