Core Values

Newark Legacy’s core values reflect the caring environment that the school strives to create and sustain.  Our values address the level of scholarship that the school expects, as well as the habits of mind that must be honed in order for a high level of scholarship to be achieved. The school’s core values are:

Love  & Literacy – A love for humanity lays the foundation for the social bonds that are cultivated by faculty and staff with students and families.  We are steadfast in our belief in the intrinsic human value that each scholar brings to our school, and we care deeply about the well-being of all.   As we lead students to fully appreciate their own value and potential, we draw upon a literary base, recognizing literacy as a gateway to self-discovery and college education, and as the hallmark of informed, productive citizenship.

Enthusiasm – The road to scholastic success is paved with enthusiasm!  We infuse each day with boundless energy, culturally relevant rituals, and a relentlessly positive attitude.

Generosity – Kindness and reciprocity are paramount for a school to be physically and emotionally safe for all.  We create and maintain an environment where scholars are generous and proactive in showing concern for each other’s wellbeing.

Ambition – “Good, better, best.  Never ever rest, until your good gets better, and your better turns to best.” We teach each scholar this rhyme to remind them that ambition leads to achievement.  We expect everyone to “go the extra mile” to achieve big goals.

Committed Citizenship – At Newark Legacy, we subscribe to Marian Wright Edelman’s statement, “Service is the rent we pay for living.”  Through acts of service, our scholars learn how they can make a positive impact on their classmates, their school, and the greater community in which they live.

Yearning (for knowledge!) – Newark Legacy’s culture is defined by a quest for continuous improvement, where scholars strive to learn more and more each day.