Newark Legacy Newsletter – December 2015

Spotlight Scholar

Newark Legacy Spotlight Scholar December 2015

Chantal Mateo is an energetic third grade scholar who always puts her best effort forward. She always strives for perfection in all subjects. Chantal is also a committed citizen in Howard and is always willing to help anyone in need. She leads Unity Circle every Monday by asking scholars the date and an educational question aligned to the third grade curriculum. Chantal is a great leader and a scholar you can always go to for any type of assistance. When a new scholar comes to the class or on the grade level Chantal is paired with the scholar to support them on their first day to ensure they feel welcomed. Chantal is a great addition to our third grade team at Newark Legacy Charter School.

Seen at Newark Legacy

Seen at Newark Legacy December 2015

In November, Middle Academy scholars had the opportunity to run for our inaugural Student Council. They delivered speeches to their peers, and then all Middle Academy scholars participated in an online ballot to select their representatives. Congratulations to the Student Council Executive Board and Class Representatives for 2015-2016!

Letter From the Executive Director

Dear Parents,

As you know, New Jersey switched from NJASK to PARCC last year. This change was huge for NJ and the other 11 states that took it. It was particularly challenging because, not only were the students asked very complicated questions, they had to complete the entire exam on the computer. Learning to take an exam on the computer is a process, for sure. Because of this major change, the state wants everyone to understand that this is a transitional year and results will be significantly lower than in years past.

Here at NLCS, we view the first year of PARCC in that light. It was a pilot year that provides us with certain areas to focus on in Year 2 and beyond. The great thing is that we feel that at NLCS we’re in a very strong place. And as always, I want you to ask me the most important question: where is the evidence?

There are 4 things that I want to highlight for you as we move forward together:

  1. We received a glowing report from the State of NJ when a team from the NJ Department of Education came to visit us in November. I invited the state so we could share all of the amazing work our collective family is doing at Newark Legacy. Sure, it is unusual to invite the state, but we wanted to go above and beyond to celebrate what we’ve done over the last 2 years, since we moved to Madison and engaged in our charter launch. The state team was very impressed, specifically highlighting the high level of classroom instruction, our Special Education model, our teachers’ ability to target instruction to each scholar’s needs, and our supportive, safe, and respectful culture.
  2. We are committed to creating an education that prepares your child for college, of course, but beyond as well. Yes, we care deeply about results and we’re proud to see the growth this year. We want to continue to offer more, though, and open doors for our children to embrace what makes them unique. This year alone we began our exciting Love of Learning Program in the Middle Academy that gives our scholars, who excel in a certain subject, the opportunity to apply knowledge in that field. For example, they may try computer coding, or engage in exciting ecology labs. We also started a financial literacy program to help prepare our students down the road. During the first class, we had one student ask, “are we talking about income before or after taxes?”

    We want to be that school where our children say, “I developed my interest at NLCS.”

  3. We are in the planning stages of adding a brand new gym. It is a beautiful building that will not only serve as a second gym but a place to hold special events for our families. We hope to share plans soon and break ground in the near future!
  4. We are very hopeful that we will be able to offer high school for our scholars. You, of course, will have the choice whether to continue with our family, and we will help you regardless of your choice. However, it is important to us that we provide an opportunity for your child to stay with our family. Truly, we are fully invested in your child and we want to ensure that ultimately they select the college that is right for their individual needs and goals.

Put simply, we will never stop reflecting on our educational model so we can offer your scholar many opportunities to shine!

With excitement for the next chapter,
Ken Schultz, Executive Director

Reminders From the Office

Don’t forget
Please remember that double-parking is not permitted during drop-off and pick-up for the safety of all scholars. If you need to exit your car, please park in one of the legal street spaces on 16th Street or Madison Avenue.

Did you know?
Winter Break is December 21st – January 1st! Please enjoy a safe and joyous season. We will open on time at 7:15 on Monday, January 4th and look forward to seeing all scholars back.

Got Siblings?
The Application for 2016-2017 enrollment is now open. If you have siblings entering PK or Kindergarten next year or know friends or family members who would like to join the Newark Legacy family, please complete the application at We are also happy to assist families with this process in the Main Office during school hours.