Newark Legacy Newsletter – October 2015

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Newark Legacy Charter School newsletter! In this first edition highlight, we are excited to share the achievements that make our school great! We will turn the spotlight on our outstanding scholars, grant access into our culturally amazing environment, and provide tips from teachers and parent leaders to support the extended Newark Legacy family.

We continue to lay the foundation for our scholars to gain entry to, succeed in, and graduate from college.

Spotlight Scholar

Newark Legacy Spotlight Scholar October 2015

Lydia is one of our most exceptional scholars in the 5th grade. She enters class every day motivated and eager to learn. She is a leader within our classroom, and her love of literacy helps to drive our reading comprehension discussions to a deeper, more analytical level. She is always willing to help a fellow scholar when they are struggling, both inside and outside of the classroom. Lydia always completes her homework and classwork thoroughly and accurately, which leads her to excel on her assessments every Friday. Keep up the great work, Lydia!

– Ms. Battaglia, 5th Grade ELA Teacher

Seen at Newark Legacy

Seen at Newark Legacy October 2015 - Fire department visit

Our Pre-k scholars learned about community helpers as well as school helpers. We discussed how performing jobs is important to help in your classroom and community.

– KeLee Brown, PK-3rd Grade Supervisor

Parent University

We are excited to roll out the Love of Learning challenge program and Targeted Academic Support programs.

In the Love of Learning program, instead of attending study hall our top 6th grade scholars will engage in challenging critical thinking activities. The Love of Learning (L.O.L.) Academic Challenge Program is a multiple-intelligence academic enrichment program designed for our sixth grade scholars to supplement and not replace advanced learning opportunities available in the classroom. The L.O.L. program encourages exploration of areas not covered in the classroom through a challenging, small group environment. The Love of Learning (L.O.L.) Academic Challenge Program will involve learners in:

  • Guided open-ended learning experiences.
  • Integrating, reinforcing and demonstrating higher-level critical and creative thinking skills in the learning process.
  • Presenting broad-based content topics, with emphasis on major themes, issues, ideas and topics.

Scholars who are selected will participate in one or more of the following academic programs:

Mathematical Thinking (MONDAYS ONLY):
This academic challenge program will concentrate on solving complex problems using inquiry, investigation and exploration. This course is designed for scholars who have a strong number sense foundation and are able to apply it to real life scenarios.

Critical Reasoning (TUESDAYS ONLY):
This academic challenge program provides instruction in critical reading and thinking skills necessary for college readiness. It includes instruction in critical analysis, critical interpretation, and advanced instruction in vocabulary and literal comprehension. The course is designed for scholars who have mastered literal comprehension skills but desire mastery of higher-order thinking and reading skills.

This academic challenge program provides instruction in the order and pattern of nature. Scholars will investigate, analyze data, and formulate predictions about animal and plant populations using quantitative tools and scientific resources.

In addition, we began our Targeted Academic Support program the week of October 12th. In this program identified scholars in grades K-6 will receive literacy and/or math remediation to help your scholar improve with literacy and math foundational skills. The program will run from 7:50 am- 8:20 am Monday- Thursday during the school day.

Reminders From the Office

Don’t forget
School doors open at 7:15 am, and breakfast is served daily until 7:30 am. Come early, avoid the traffic, and start your child’s day with a nutritious meal!

Did you know?
We use two primary forms of communication to keep our families in the loop: our automated phone calls, and our Wednesday Flyer Packets. To stay informed, look in your child’s bookbag for the Wednesday Packet every week, and make sure the office always has your current contact info. Just call us at 973-374-7000, or stop by during school hours.

Have some spare time?
Spend it with us! The Office Team is always looking for parent volunteers to lend a hand for specific events and projects. Call to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities.